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Details of Benefits


In today's trying times, having access to an attorney will provide you a certain peace of mind that can improve your quality of life. Whether its real estate, business, criminal, personal injury, tax




Business consultation and guidance

With a pool of certified consultants who specialize in various self enhancement specialties, we facilitate to each member the proper supports in the areas of mind, body, and spirit. You will be taught how to enhance yourself and others around you.

Income Streams Assistance

Everyone needs multiple streams of income in order to fully enjoy life. We review your talents and skillset to focus your energies towards the best income opportunities for you. 


Health * Wealth * Happiness

Once each member identifies their very own personal concept of maximum health, wealth, and happiness, it becomes easier to focus on what you want and get it. We assist our members with this entire process, up to manifestation.

Virtual Personal Training 

We assist our members with getting the proper guidance and support to maximizing one's health. We want all of our members to attain their personal health goals. We facilitate all the necessary  supports to get there.

Major Money University

Money itself is a science. We educate our members to capitalize from the trends. Digital currency is one of the most significant trends to capitalize from right now.


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