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General Membership Options

  • Bronze Membership

    Free Plan
    • General Member Website Access
    • Access to Best Hope Certified Vendors
  • Copper Membership

    Every month
    Active Basics
    • Includes Bronze Membership benefits.
    • Digital journal and digital journal training.
    • Life guidance to maximize health, wealth, and happiness.
    • Tax support services
    • Access to Best Hope Library (Level I)
    • Wellness & Fitness (Level l)
  • Silver Membership

    Every month
    Active Plus
    • Includes Copper Membership benefits.
    • Assistance establishing additional streams of income.
    • Legal Support & Discounted Legal Services
    • Real Estate Support Services
    • Financial Literacy Support.
    • Access to Best Hope Library (Level II)
    • Wellness & Fitness (Level II)

Active Members: Refer potential members for a chance to receive a referral bonus. For more details please speak to your Best Hope Account Executive. Plans can be canceled at anytime.

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